parting words

you grew naturally into my life
offering me your low-hanging fruit
and also the most perfect stuff from the middle and upper branches.
selfless, patient before the hand-off.

and i would cuddle in close, building a nest in your rib cage
with all the bits and pieces my memory held onto.
i am stubborn wooden and cold
so i can’t be surprised you would evict me
no matter how good a fuck i am.

the way you always stood there at the airport leaking
my mouth hanging open drooling
anticipation penetration.

now i am writing about empty corners
instead of northern lights.
i want you to come back. for your breath to overcome my insides
like garlic inserted vaginally.
so you can lick my armpits.

but i will find someone new and break their heart because it won’t be you.
your dry cum was on my chest on the plane ride home.
the look on your face between my spread legs as blood stained your parents’ sheets.